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The "Joy" journal is a space for you to reflect on what truly brings you joy in this life, and invite more of that into your daily experience.


Use this journal to gain awareness of the person you are in the now moment, and what the now version of you desires daily. Let this journal inspire you to get to a space where your joy is the deciding factor in what you do in your life, so you begin to do more of what makes you feel good and less of what doesn't.


With the beautiful painting "Bubbles of Joy" by Hemali Lala, this journal is designed to evoke a sense of happiness and positivity every time you open it.


Use this gorgeous journal to connect with your inner self, discover more joy, and allow that joy to seep into every area of your life.

Remember that joy is a choice, and it's something that we all can experience every day because the ability to feel joy is inside of us. By taking the time to write in this journal, you'll be cultivating a habit of gratitude and positivity that will help you lead a more joyful and fulfilling life. 


Words from the artist: I chose my piece "Bubbles Of Joy" for this journal. Of course!! It is filled with magic. I believe that joy is a choice and one that we can choose every day. I hope that the words you write in this journal give you clarity on what brings you joy. And that you allow yourself to prioritize those things in your daily life so that that feeling of joy amplifies and seeps into every corner of your life. Sending you so much love xx 


  • The Front Cover features Hemali Lala's Original Painting "Bubbles Of Joy" 
  • The Back Cover features words from the artist
  • 150 lined pages (75 sheets)
  • Matte finish
  • Case wrap binding
  • Note: 0.5"x0.5" production barcode visible on the back cover
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