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Hi! I’m Hemali! I’m a self-taught abstract artist based in Philadelphia. I started painting about 7 years ago, and fell in love with how much freedom and joy I felt in creating abstract paintings.

Growing up as an immigrant, I received a lot of judgement. It left me feeling very unsafe and unaccepted during my childhood. For years, I felt unworthy of love, and afraid that I would always be disliked and abandoned. I felt invisible, worthless, unimportant and ashamed of who I was. Overtime I learned to love + accept myself through meditation + spirituality + personal growth.


Art always gave me freedom, and it became my therapy. Painting has helped me heal, it’s helped me release, let go, relax, free myself from stress I had held onto for years, and helped me cure my need to control and be perfect all the time.


The artwork I now create is a medium for me to channel my true self, my joy, my energy, my light. It feels like freedom and ease. It feels like I am a vessel, and the deeper consciousness that’s inside of me pours out onto the canvas. I feel so in love with life. And, my intention is always that this love, this energy and freedom that I feel inside pours out through my artwork. My work is filled with vibrancy, lightness, beauty and magic. I code every piece with as much love and positivity as I can. Color fills up my life, so it fills every canvas. I have a love affair with color, and I use it to convey the feeling of joy, support, protection, love and magic.  


My artwork is inspired by life, the universe, divine energy, beauty, love, light and many different aspects of nature, from the ocean to flowers to the night sky to fiery sunsets.


Creating artwork lights up my entire soul. It is the expression of the truest me. And my hope and intention is that it helps you to see and feel the light, beauty and magic that is already inside of you.

Thank you so much for stopping by! 



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