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Coaching For Visual Artists
45 Minute Session with Hemali Lala

What to expect from this session:

  • get into your highest vibration so creativity feels easy, effortless and overflows naturally

  • discover what’s blocking you from creating at your highest level

  • dissolve the limiting ideas/beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stuck

  • create a process that’s full-proof and will get you creating effortlessly every single day 

This call will help you if:

  • you are a visual artist

  • you are feeling stuck or challenged in your creative process

  • having a hard time showing up to create because you’re stressed out, anxious, busy, or not feeling inspired

  • comparing yourself to other artists, which is keeping you stuck and preventing you from creating from your own unique perspective 

  • feeling uninspired by your artwork

This sessions will entirely change the way you view your work, your creative process and the limitless possibilities that lie within you. It will not only empower you to create consistently, but it will also help you access creative inspiration, certainty, power and creative flow from deepest parts of you. I'm so excited to help you move through whatever is blocking you, so you can get clear, shed the fears/doubts/blocks that have been holding you back, and start creating from a feeling of confidence, clarity, effortless flow and pure enjoyment. If you'd like to schedule a session, click on the scheduler below! Price of one 45-minute session: $120. 

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Hi! I’m Hemali! I’m a self-taught abstract artist based in Philadelphia. When I first started painting, it was super hard! I felt so much comparison syndrome, I thought I wasn’t good enough, and most of all  I felt so much stress in my life that it left me uninspired and too overwhelmed to show up to create on a daily basis. 
Since that time, I’ve grown so much in my creative process and my ability to show up for myself and my work. 

I believe that every single one of us has the ability to be creative and feel massive joy + freedom throughout the process. I offer techniques, and education to help visual artists tap into their immense creative ability, and access infinite creative flow, inspiration, and consistency using processes that have helped amplify my own creativity. 

My hope is that my work inspires you, sparks joy and freedom for you. I hope it empowers you and helps you know and believe that you always have everything you need inside you. 


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