Serene Storm 24 x 30"

Serene Storm 24 x 30"

Original Artwork


Size: 24 x 30 x 1.5 Inches 

Colours used are green, blue, white and gold


  • Acrylic paint on stretched canvas
  • Varnished and signed 
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity


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  • Words From The Artist


    When we say “i’m fine” but the storms getting worse inside

    Inability to express what’s going on in a healthy way

    Either because we’re afraid of what someone might say/think, or we want to teach someone a lesson (aka silent treatment)

    Or we’ve buried our feelings for so long we don’t even understand how to express them (this one used to be me 💯)

    When we judge ourselves for how we feel, we add bad feelings to bad feelings
    When we feel ashamed of how we feel, we add bad feelings to bad feelings
    When we hide how we feel to please others, we burry it and add bad feelings to bad feelings

    We can get to a place where we feel what we feel without judgment, shame, needing to hide

    Where we understand what our emotions are, what they mean, how they serve us

    Where we know how to move through them + express them in healthy ways

    So much freedom
    So much grace
    As much time + space as we need✨🤍

    This painting embodies my journey to my emotions, sitting with them, releasing them, expressing them, understanding them and being grateful for them