Hi! I’m Hemali! I’m a self-taught abstract artist based in Philadelphia. I started painting about 5 years ago, and fell in love with how much freedom and joy I felt in creating abstract paintings. Painting has helped me  heal, it’s helped me release, let go, relax, free myself from stress I had held onto for years, and helped me cure my need to control and be perfect all the time.


My hope is that my work inspires you, sparks joy and freedom for you. I hope it empowers you and helps you know and believe that you always have everything you need inside you.

I believe that every single one of us has the ability to be creative and feel massive joy + freedom throughout the process. More recently I’ve been offering techniques and education to help others tap into their immense creative ability, and learn how to paint from their soul.


I’m so happy you stopped by here! Feel free to check out the artwork and email me if you have any questions!



Thank you for your interest! For any inquiries, commission requests or questions or just to say Hi, please contact me at the email address below or the submission form to the right! I'd love to hear from you!

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