Hi! I'm so happy you're considering commissioning a painting from me! 

I love love love doing custom work, it lights my soul on fire! Here's the process: 

  • Email me at: (icon below!) with the following information: Name, best way to contact you and any details you'd like to add about what idea you have for the painting. You can also message me on instagram - I check this daily during the week.

  • I will then reach out to you to set up a 15 minute call to discuss the details of the commission - here is where we discuss the sizing, colours, style, and the essence and feeling behind the piece, we bring your vision to life!

  • After the call I'll send out an invoice to you for the payment, and then get started on the painting

  • Once the painting is complete, I send you the images of the completed work, and then prepare for shipping!

  • My commissions take about 4 weeks to complete the painting, and I leave another 1-2 weeks to package and ship, so this will be a 6 week process all together - if the timeline shifts I will always reach out to you and let you know!

Pricing for commissions are based on sizing:

12x12 or 11x14 - $444

16x20" or 20x20" - $888

20x24" or 24x24" or 18x36" - $1555

I cover the shipping for you (international included), so the prices above are the total price!

I'm so excited to hear from you! Commissions are so special, the energy here is unique and beautiful and expansive! There's an email icon below that you can click on for quick access to email me! 



Thank you for your interest! For any inquiries, commission requests or questions or just to say Hi, please contact me at the email address below or the submission form to the right! I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for submitting!